Early Education Program

for Hearing Impaired Children

Early Education Program location and activities

The Early Education Program for Hearing Impaired Children, (EEP) is situated in East Brighton. To be eligible to attend the EEP, children must be under school age and have a permanent hearing loss. No formal referral is necessary. Services are provided to families who live within the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne and some surrounding suburbs.

The objective of the EEP is to promote communication, speech and social development of children, by reducing the impact of hearing loss. The EEP uses a family-centred approach. The whole family, rather than just the child, is considered when programs are designed. Individual programs include emotional support at the time of diagnosis as well as individual language, listening and speech sessions provided by teachers of the deaf. A language playgroup and a weekly parent support and education session are available to families who wish to attend.

An education psychologist is available to assist parents deal with any developmental, behavioural or emotional concerns. The EEP offers comprehensive audiological management to help parents ensure that hearing aids and cochlear implants are working to the child’s best advantage. Transition programs promote the full participation of children in their local kindergartens and other community settings. Assistance is provided to help parents to access local support services.

The EEP uses researched evidence to design programs which facilitate improved outcomes for children with hearing loss. In partnership with families, the EEP continually reviews its protocols and practice. This is done to ensure the services delivered by the EEP meet the needs of individual families.