Early Education Program

for Hearing Impaired Children


The Early Education Program for Hearing Impaired Children (EEP) is very keen to participate in research projects which are aimed at producing improved outcomes for children with hearing loss. We are also keen to provide information about childhood hearing loss to other professionals.

If you are working with a child or a family who has a child with hearing loss the EEP is available to provide direct Early Childhood Intervention service to families who live within the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. Secondary Consultation Services to other agencies and professionals are also available. It is imperative that all professionals working with families who have a child with hearing loss gain an understanding about the importance of:

the impact of the child’s particular hearing loss
the correct use of technology
strategies to enhance communication
the need for improvements in the acoustic environment

The EEP staff will provide Secondary Consultation and In-Service Sessions to:

Family Support Agencies
Early Childhood Intervention Agencies
Maternal and Child Health Nurses
Kindergarten and Preschool Teachers
Childcare Staff
Health Professionals

Please contact the EEP to make an appointment or to arrange secondary consultation sessions for your agency.