Early Education Program

for Hearing Impaired Children

Emotional support

The Early Education Program for Hearing Impaired Children (EEP) provides emotional support to help families cope with and understand the diagnosis of their child’s hearing loss. Individual counselling is available.

Some families have little need for this service after their initial period of anxiety has passed. Other parents experience a return of some anxiety during different stages of their child’s development. Counselling is available if or when families require such support.

Sometimes extended family members have difficulty coming to terms with the hearing loss. Support and information is available to grandparents and other close relatives or carers.

Professionals are not the only ones who can provide emotional support. Contact with other parents who have a child with a hearing loss can be very helpful. For families who want information or support from another family, individual visits can be arranged. Parents of newly diagnosed children can come to an EEP parent group to talk to others in a group situation if they prefer.