Early Education Program

for Hearing Impaired Children

I think my child has a hearing loss

When parents suspect that their child has a hearing loss they are usually right and have valid reasons for such concerns. The EEP advises parents to trust their own instincts and take action. The first step should be to visit a general practitioner to discuss your concerns. If you are not happy with your doctor’s investigation then seek a second opinion or a referral for testing.

There are different types of hearing loss. Some hearing losses are permanent but some are not. Causes of permanent hearing loss are listed on another page in this section. Common causes of non permanent or conductive hearing loss include wax build up in the ear canal or problems with the middle ear. These causes should be investigated first as these conditions are usually treatable. If in doubt about any aspect of your child’s ear health ask for a referral to an Ear Nose & Throat Specialist.

If your child’s ear canals are clear of wax and there are no middle ear problems but you still suspect a hearing loss, you should have your child’s hearing tested as soon as possible. Tests for babies and children are available in Melbourne from:

The Audiology Department of the Royal Children’s Hospital
The Audiology Department of Monash Medical Centre
Australian Hearing Centres

Your doctor or your Maternal and Child Health Nurse can provide a referral to have your child’s hearing tested. The sooner you know the sooner you can start to reduce the impact of your child’s hearing loss.

Contact the EEP if you need further information.