Early Education Program

for Hearing Impared Children

Early Education Program history and purpose

The Early Education Program for Hearing Impaired Children (EEP) was established in 1980. It has operated since that time to assist families with infants and children under school age with permanent hearing loss. It was originally part of the John Pierce Centre in Ripponlea but became a separate entity in 1995 and was incorporated in 1996. The main aim of the program is the promotion of deaf children’s communication and spoken language skills. This is achieved by helping parents to understand how children acquire language. The EEP programs assist parents to use strategies that facilitate their child’s listening, speech and language skills.

The EEP provides a variety of Early Intervention Services to facilitate improved outcomes for children with hearing loss. The EEP promotes the use of natural, meaningful interaction between the child and their parents to promote early communication. Although EEP professionals and parents work in partnership for the child, the parents and family members take the primary role in the development of their child’s language.