Early Education Program

for Hearing Impaired Children

Individual programs

Each family is offered an individual program. Sessions aim to help parents create and use opportunities to enhance their child’s communication and development within their home environment. Each time parents interact with their babies and young children during daily routines, there are many natural opportunities to build positive communication skills and to promote the child’s language and speech development. At the parent’s request, carers and extended family members are welcome to attend individual sessions.

EEP professionals provide individual sessions to promote:

Early communication
Active listening skills
Appropriate social skills

Language development
Speech development
Appropriate behaviour

There is an emphasis on comprehensive audiological management. Audiology information is provided to ensure that parents understand the degree and impact of their child’s hearing loss. Ongoing assistance is provided to ensure the correct use of hearing aids, cochlear implants and FM units. The EEP receives consultation from Australian Hearing and has close liaison with clinicians at the Cochlear Implant Clinic.

Individual sessions provide close monitoring of the child’s language, speech and general development. Parents learn strategies which help to promote their child’s development. Specific speech and language intervention is provided in individual sessions as required. Informal assessments are carried out by using checklists of development. Formal assessments by a speech pathologist or a psychologist are arranged if parents or professionals have concerns about a child’s development. Parents can access assistance from an education psychologist when they have concerns regarding general parenting issues. Help is also available for parents who have children with challenging behaviour.