Early Education Program

for Hearing Impaired Children

Organisation and funding of the Early Education Program

The Early Education Program for Hearing Impaired Children, (EEP) has operated since 1980. It is governed by a committee of management and is an incorporated body. It is tax exempt and is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient. All financial records are independently audited each year.

The EEP is part of the Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Sector and receives some funding from the Victorian Government to deliver Early Childhood Intervention Services. It has an ongoing service agreement with the Victorian Government and must meet annual performance measures to retain its funding. As a funded agency it must work within set guidelines and meet set standards of service. It is covered by public liability indemnity insurance and all staff and volunteers have been checked to ensure they meet the current standard of the “Working with Children” legislation.

The EEP receives ongoing funding from the State Government of Victoria. This funding is not sufficient to provide the intensive and individualized services required to assist children with hearing loss to communicate and talk. Each year additional funds need to be raised to meet the needs of our families. Donations of $2.00 and over to the “Early Education Program for Hearing Impaired Children” are allowable deductions for income tax purposes. Legacies and bequests are exempt from duties.