Early Education Program

for Hearing Impaired Children

A message from David Moss

“ Our youngest son Ethan was diagnosed as profoundly deaf at five months old and received a cochlear implant at seven months. Initially it was like a bad dream. I had never even met a deaf person before and suddenly we were parenting one. We had no idea what to do or where to turn. Fortunately, we were introduced to Rita Corbett from The Early Education Program for Hearing Impaired Children. Rita and her staff have been an important part of our lives ever since. While we were given expert advice, counselling and the emotional support, that we very much needed, Ethan thoroughly enjoyed the programs offered by the EEP.

Ethan is happy and well adjusted. He has age appropriate speech and language. He attended a mainstream kindergarten and started school at five. He absolutely loves it and is doing very well. This is an outcome that we never dreamed possible. Ethan now has every opportunity to achieve his full potential and is an inspiration to all who know him. I never believed in miracles before but with the benefit of this amazing technology and the support we have received from the Early Education Program for Hearing Impaired Children, we now see one every day. ”

The Moss family is happy to meet and talk to other parents who have a baby who has been recently diagnosed with profound deafness. Please contact the EEP to arrange a meeting if you would like to speak with this family.